New Study finds Diabetes a massive trouble to Bone Health! Here’s How? | Dr. Krishna Daram

The most recent research from the Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS) highlights a worrisome connection between diabetes and bone health, particularly in the senior population, within the complex web of human health. The study, which was directed by Professor Sushil Gupta of the Department of Endocrinology, clarifies the vital function that […]

8 Simple Tips to Lower Your Blood Pressure? | Dr. Krishna Daram

Maintaining appropriate blood pressure is critical for overall heart health, and Dr. Krishna Daram recommends easy yet effective lifestyle adjustments to assist you in doing so. Let’s take a look at 10 practical techniques for decreasing your blood pressure. 1. Watch Your Carb Intake Cutting back on processed carbs and sweets is an important first […]

The Fabulous Link of Thyroid & Digestive Health! Learn More Here! | Dr. Krishna Daram

A complex balance between the body’s systems is necessary to maintain ideal overall health, with the thyroid and digestive systems receiving particular attention. The thyroid affects growth and energy levels since it is an important metabolic component. Both hyper and hypoglycemia can affect gastrointestinal functioning and result in symptoms like constipation or diarrhea.  Maintaining a […]

Do Thyroid Hormones in Pregnant Women Impact the Newborn? Read More Here! | Dr. Krishna Daram

During the incredible journey of pregnancy, several physiological changes take place, including those to the thyroid gland. The significance of this little, butterfly-shaped gland for maintaining the mother’s and the child’s overall health cannot be overstated. Thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) are the two thyroid hormones that are essential for the growth and appropriate operation […]

5 Do’s & Don’t’s while Suffering from Tuberculosis (TB) | Dr Krishna Daram

To be effectively managed, tuberculosis (TB) must be treated with great care and adherence to certain recommendations. Dr. Krishna Daram is aware of the need to combat tuberculosis with knowledge. Here, we provide a thorough overview of the five dos and don’ts that can significantly impact the path to recovery. The Do’s Pay Close Attention […]

Urinary Tract Infection – Different Reasons it Happens! | Dr Krishna Daram

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a typical problem that many people face in urological health. In addition to being uncomfortable, these infections may worsen if treatment is not received. Dr. Krishna Daram aims to offer insightful information on preventive measures by elucidating the many causes of urinary tract infections. 1. Bacterial Overtake The majority […]

4 Reasons why Iron Deficiency Occurs. Learn More Here! | Dr Krishna Daram

A common health problem that may impact people of all ages and lifestyles is iron deficiency. To throw light on the causes of iron deficiency, Dr. Krishna Daram addresses this widespread worry.  We’ll discuss four major causes of iron deficiency in this educational blog post, using straightforward language and a formal tone to make sure […]

Bronchitis – Types, Causes and Symptoms | Dr Krishna Daram

The airways that transport air to and from the lungs are called bronchial tubes, and they can get infected with a respiratory disease called bronchitis. Understanding the many forms, origins, and manifestations of bronchitis is crucial for prompt diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Dr. Krishna Daram stresses how important it is to comprehend this prevalent respiratory […]

Common Things to Know about Anemia | Dr Krishna Daram

Anemia is a common illness that millions of individuals experience globally. Dr. Krishna Daram thinks that good health management requires knowledge. We will examine typical features of anemia in this thorough guide, illuminating its causes, signs, and potential therapies. Anemia – In a Nutshell Anemia is a medical disorder defined by a reduction in the […]