5 Do’s & Don’t’s while Suffering from Tuberculosis (TB) | Dr Krishna Daram

To be effectively managed, tuberculosis (TB) must be treated with great care and adherence to certain recommendations. Dr. Krishna Daram is aware of the need to combat tuberculosis with knowledge. Here, we provide a thorough overview of the five dos and don’ts that can significantly impact the path to recovery. The Do’s Pay Close Attention […]

Urinary Tract Infection – Different Reasons it Happens! | Dr Krishna Daram

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a typical problem that many people face in urological health. In addition to being uncomfortable, these infections may worsen if treatment is not received. Dr. Krishna Daram aims to offer insightful information on preventive measures by elucidating the many causes of urinary tract infections. 1. Bacterial Overtake The majority […]

4 Reasons why Iron Deficiency Occurs. Learn More Here! | Dr Krishna Daram

A common health problem that may impact people of all ages and lifestyles is iron deficiency. To throw light on the causes of iron deficiency, Dr. Krishna Daram addresses this widespread worry.  We’ll discuss four major causes of iron deficiency in this educational blog post, using straightforward language and a formal tone to make sure […]

Bronchitis – Types, Causes and Symptoms | Dr Krishna Daram

The airways that transport air to and from the lungs are called bronchial tubes, and they can get infected with a respiratory disease called bronchitis. Understanding the many forms, origins, and manifestations of bronchitis is crucial for prompt diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Dr. Krishna Daram stresses how important it is to comprehend this prevalent respiratory […]

Common Things to Know about Anemia | Dr Krishna Daram

Anemia is a common illness that millions of individuals experience globally. Dr. Krishna Daram thinks that good health management requires knowledge. We will examine typical features of anemia in this thorough guide, illuminating its causes, signs, and potential therapies. Anemia – In a Nutshell Anemia is a medical disorder defined by a reduction in the […]

Is Malaria contagious or infectious? | Dr Krishna Daram

A major worldwide health problem is still malaria, a disease that has afflicted people for generations. It is critical to comprehend how malaria is transmitted and if it is infectious or contagious because there are over 200 million cases reported each year. To answer this crucial topic, we examine the nuances of malaria in this […]

For how long can you have malaria? | Dr Krishna Daram

The Plasmodium parasite, which causes malaria, is a mosquito-borne infectious illness that continues to be a problem for world health. Even if there has been a lot of success in the fight against this illness, it is still vital to comprehend how long it lasts and what causes it. We explore the subject of “How […]

What are 5 ways to prevent dengue? | Dr Krishna Daram

In many tropical and subtropical locations across the world, dengue fever is a common virus spread by mosquitoes that poses a serious public health concern. It is brought on by the dengue virus, which predominantly infects female Aedes mosquitoes and spreads to people through their bites.  Dengue symptoms can range from a slight fever to […]

What are the common causes of diabetes? | Dr Krishna Daram

Diabetes is a common chronic illness that affects millions of individuals globally. It requires our attention and presents serious health risks.  Dr. Krishna Daram is dedicated to bringing attention to this urgent subject. In this post, we will examine the typical causes of diabetes to promote awareness and encourage proactive measures for treatment and prevention. […]

Why are women more prone to thyroid disorders? | Dr Krishna Daram

Regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity, thyroid issues impact millions of individuals globally and are a major health concern. However, it is a known truth that women are more vulnerable to thyroid issues than males.  The fundamental origins and contributing variables of this gender inequality pose important considerations. We shall examine the causes of why […]